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Basic Knowledge-oil stone

2021/4/22 15:16:54323

What is oil stonehow many types oil stone do you know?

    Oil stone is a type of stripe shape bonded abrasives, Which is made of abrasive grains and bond. 

    1、Oil stone can be divided into two types , Artificial stone and natural stone . 


    2、Natural stone

    Natural stone is made from natural quartzite['kwɔ:tsaɪt] with fine texture and abrasive and polishing ability.


    3、Artificial oil stone

    Artificial oil stone has two structural type sbecause of the abrasive used . 

    Matrix free oil stone made of abrasive grain ( Corundum or silicon carbide ) and binder. 

    Oil stone with matrix which made of diamond or cubic boron nitride abrasive and binder. 


    4、Shapes of Oil stones

    According to its cross section shape, it can be divided into square, rectangle, triangle, knife shape (wedge), round and semi-circular oil stone, etc.


How many types of abrasive tools do you know?

    The types of abrasive tools: super abrasivesbonded abrasivescoated abrasives

    1、Super Abrasives: Diamond & CBN

    ①Super Abrasives' Substrate

      Super abrasives combine abrasive grains on Substrate,Aluminum and steel is most oftenly used.

    ②Super Abrasives' Binder

      The binders include metal,resin,vitrified,electroplated,braze and so on.

    2、Bonded Abrasives' Material

    Bonded abrasives' use aluminum oxide and silicon carbide as abrasive grains.


    They are formed into various abrasive tools by vitrified bond,resin bond,rubber bond and so on.


    3、Coated Abrasives

    Coated abrasives include abrasive paper, abrasive cloth, sanding belt, abrasive roll, flap disc, flap wheel and so on


Which abrasive tool is suit for you?

    Which abrasive tool is suit for you?

    Diamond Tools、CBN Aluminum oxide 、Silicon carbide

    Diamond Tools Applications


    CBN Tools Applications


    Aluminum Oxide Tools


    Silicon carbide Tools Applications


    Abrasive tools and corresponded industries

    Glass Industry Photovaltaic IndustryOptical Industry、Auto Industry、 Woodworking IndustryTungsten carbide industry